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We specialize in affordable, clean, custom website design for Marin’s small business community, and the surrounding Bay Area. Quality design is crucial when it comes to web advertising, as a professional Internet presence enhances the credibility of your business. Conversely, a poor design, or no Website at all, can lose you customers. Marin County’s Blue Oak Web Design can provide you with an affordable Website tailored to your specific business needs.

Website Re-design

Would you really go out in 70’s plaid? Design does expire. Blue Oak can help you determine the best direction for your website, in terms of both the look and functionality of your website. For instance, would your business website benefit from being mobile friendly/responsive? Is your website easy to update? If not, you might be interested in WordPress, the worlds leading  content management system (CMS). Take a look at our website design services,  or get a free estimate on your project.

Logo & Graphic design

A great logo should do more than just look beautiful. Your Marin business image depends on a logo design that is unique and memorable. A great logo should properly reflect your company’s image in both style and tone. And yes, even a small business can (and should) have a logo. Read more about our logo and graphic design services.

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