Website and Logo Design, Marin County, CA

logo design services

We thoroughly enjoy the process of graphic design, and logo design in particular. From conception to completion, working with our clients to provide the most effective and appropriate visual representation of their business is a joy. It’s a useful art– with an artful use. The benefit of good design is an impression of quality- would you take your own money to a business that doesn’t demonstrate quality in their appearance, product or service?

Even a small company can benefit from having an effective logo. Did you know that the human mind retains and recognizes a symbol or image much more easily and more quickly than words alone?

A great logo should:

  • Be simple, unique and timeless
  • Properly reflect your company’s image in both style and tone
  • Be a visually cohesive unit that inspires interest and remembrance
  • Be effective for both print and web use