Website and Logo Design, Marin County, CA



why i do what i do

I fell in love in the late 90′s – with the web. Specifically, it was the idea that everyone could have a voice, even the little guy/gal/business.

So, in 2000, after attending College Of Marin to learn all things HTML, I took the plunge and started Blue Oak. That was truly an exciting time – the “wild west” days of the web. And though web technology has advanced tremendously since that time, a few things have remained the same at Blue Oak:

1. a gentle, ethical approach

I will not try to sell you something you don’t need. I do not believe in unnecessary bells and whistles (unless you sell bells or whistles, of course.)

Your project will be completed on time, and on budget.

I apply the Golden Rule to every one of my projects; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I know I would be extremely unhappy if I plunked down my hard earned money and walked away with a website I didn’t like. My promise; I will not let this happen to you.

2. quality design

It’s a given that a website should function as expected. However, design is often an afterthought. So many websites are cluttered, confusing and just plain unattractive. I have an absolute passion for clean, uncluttered design. Good design is not just about looking pretty, it’s about effective visual communication.

3. affordability

My initial excitement about the web has not changed – I still love helping the little guy/gal/business compete in today’s marketplace. Get  a free estimate on your project today, and find out how truly affordable a website can be.

in my free time

When I manage to tear myself away from my desk, I love to hike the gorgeous trails in Marin County. I constantly feel blessed to be surrounded by such natural beauty. I also enjoy making stuff – from painting, to drawing, to digital art and photography.